Museo Galería Cano

The project, located in the walled center of Cartagena, was designed to host the pre-Colombian museum and gallery, a coffee shop and a tourist information center.

The work is the result of a careful analysis of the possibilities that the house, the old house of the Monks Inquisitors, offered as much for its location as for its special conditions. It presented a fortunate fusion of colonial and republican architecture distorted with contemporary interventions.

With the main objective of achieving a set where the visitor could appreciate a sample of our historical heritage through the objects of pre-Colombian cultures and colonial architecture, two fundamental criteria were established: the rigorous recovery of the special structure, as well as the original formal elements – with the sole exception of the master staircase that must have been carefully designed to meet functional and typological criteria – and the minimal introduction of new elements into the building, using a language and materials that are clearly contemporary.

As new elements, we highlight a series of stairs carefully positioned that establish continuous routes integrating the different levels. From the technical and architectural point of view, the construction of a concrete drawer pushed into the water table by means of a tensioner system is of special interest. It allows access to the cistern, one of the most valuable spaces of the building and in very good state of conservation.

Architect: Alberto Burckhardt
Colaborators: Claudia Patricia Monroy, Mario Zapatero, Jumna Patricia Cure, Pablo Camilo Uribe
Area: 680 m2
Year: 1995


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