Hotel Bioxury

This 94 room hotel is located in a high-end area of the city. On 83rd Street between lane 9th and 10th with a small park opposite the street.

The design of the facade, of glass and wood colored aluminum blinds, seeks to establish a dialogue with the vegetation in the park. Also emphasizes the game of opposed cantilevers in the different floors, without an apparent order and generating terraces as one more element in the intention of associating the building with the environment and the city. The rooms with their terraces are projected towards the neighboring environment and mountains. These have a sober, elegant and contemporary design. The hotel also has two restaurants, bars, one gym and parking areas. On the street level, the lobby with its spectacular height and green walls above the entrance act as an extension of the park inside the building.

Location: Bogotá
Colaborators: Fernando Aldana & Jhon Jairo Lopez
Area: 8000 m2
Year: 2011


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