Edificio El Cerro

Located in an exclusive housing sector of Cali, the building benefits from beautiful views over the city and the surrounding mountains. Its implementation and geometry arises from this scenario and an optimal handling of the deserted area.
The ten-storey tower comprises of twenty apartments. Half of which are 180m2 and the other half being 300m2.The large platform with three basements made this project special, as it offers a generous amount of common areas including a terrace with a swimming pool, large parking lots and storage spaces.
The facade is made in white stone with concrete elements such as balconies and eaves to protect the windows. All careful design decisions in response to the environment and the tropical climate of Cali.

Collaboration: Guillermo Fischer and Pablo Caicedo
Location: Cali
Area: 10.000 m2
Year: 1994


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